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The Charon Express

Peter wakes up on a mysterious train with no ticket. He meets the Conductor, a robot, that informs him he has boarded the Charon Express, a train that ferries souls to the afterlife. But Peter is not the train’s only passenger. There is another, a woman with whom Peter shares a troubled past.

In a tale of recognition and acceptance, Peter must face the man he was in life to find the promise of redemption in the afterlife.

The Carpenter’s Tools

In the toolbox only one thing matters. Purpose. You existence and self-worth are directly tied to your servitude to the Carpenter. In return, you are given fulfillment and joy. At least, that’s what you’re supposed to feel. When Screwdriver’s friend, Hammer, defies the Carpenter, leaving the toolbox and changing their assumed identity, Screwdriver must make a choice between doing the same and losing their home or accepting that a life of servitude is the best there is.

In this allegorical piece on the struggle of faith and self-identity, a community of tools must tackle societal debates of value, self-expression, and religious governance.

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