The ArrowHeart Volume

It’s time for ArrowHeart Volume 2: IDENTITY! We want this collection of stories to focus on the theme of identity and a variation of written style. That means the gates are wide open! No matter how you choose to use let the theme inspire you is correct or maybe it already has in a previously written story. Either way, we want to see what our wonderful community of writers does with this prompt and the encouragement to break the mold and get weird with their writing style!

Submission Guidelines

The ArrrowHeart Volume is a short story collection or pockethology (pocket anthology) we compile from submitted short fiction and poetry. We print our volumes quarterly, so you have more opportunities to publish!


  • Reading fee= $5

  • Cash Prize for selected authors= $50

  • 10-15 stories selected per volume.

  • Your document must include:

  • Word count= 500-10,000 (For Short Fiction)

  • 12pt font

  • Double-spaced.

  • Title page with author’s name

  • There is no limit to how many times you may submit.

  • Arrowheart asks for FNASR (First National American Serial Rights) for your story.

Our current submission deadline is March 5th, so don’t wait!

If you are interested in having your work published in our short story volume, check out our current theme and click the submit button on the right!